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Asbestos Removal

What is Asbestos

Call Quikdeck Roofing Contractors for Safe Asbestos RemovalAsbestos is an extremely hazardous material that poses risks to health and safety.  Exposure to asbestos fibres is known to cause Mesothelioma – a deadly cancer caused by inhaling particles of asbestos dust that eat away at the lining of the lungs. It is known to cause diseases such as asbestosis, lung cancer, pleural plaques, and pleural thickening.  Visit the Pleural Mesothelioma Centre website for more information.

Responsibilities of property owners

As an owner/manager (person with control) of a property that has asbestos materials present, you have certain responsibilities with regard to safety.  As per the Code of Practice for the Management and Control of Asbestos in Workplaces [NOHSC:2018(2005)], the "person with control" may be:

  • The owner of the premises
  • A person who has under any contract or lease an obligation to maintain or repair the premises
  • A person who is occupying the premises
  • A person who is able to make decisions about work undertaken at the premises
  • An employer at the premises

Why Choose Quikdeck Asbestos Removal and Roofing Services

Quikdeck offer Safe Asbestos Removal ServicesQuikdeck is licensed by NSW WorkCover and has the necessary training and skills for safe asbestos removal in accordance with NSW WorkCover’s guidelines.

Quikdeck is a member of the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA) - the industry professional association and regulatory body governing asbestos removal. The health and safety of our workers and clients is our priority. We understand the dangers of asbestos materials and the necessary precautions required to minimise risk and maximise safety.

This includes using special filtered hepa vacuums to remove dust particles, which is then deposited into lined industrial bins and safe disposal at registered asbestos waste sites.

Asbestos Removal Services

  Asbestos removal

  Post Hygienist Air Monitoring

  Disposal at registered
  waste site

  Metal roof replacement

  Metal re-roofing


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